Does VirtualBox have Windows 11 support yet?

Yes, Windows 11 do support VirtualBox. But, you have to manually edit the registry in order to Bypass the Secure Boot and RPM checks if you want to install a VirtualBox on a Windows 11 unsupported PC.

Installation prerequisites are;

1. Download Oracle VirtualBox

2. Download Microsoft Windows 11 Iso Image

You will encounter an error in the hardware check step. But don't worry you can bypass the hardware checks through the command prompts.

Type regedit in the command prompt and press enter.

navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\SETUP, right-click on the Setup key and select New > Key.

Name it LabConfig and press enter.

Now right-click on the LabConfig key and select New > DWORD (32-bit) valueand create a value named BypassSecureBootCheck, and set its data to 00000001. Now create BypassTPMCheck and the same data value of 00000001.

Once you configure those values under the LabConfig key, close the Registry Editor, and then close the Command Prompt window and proceed with the installation.

for step by step guide read this article:

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