Firefox 102 Adds Geo Clue Support on Linux and Improves PDF Viewer



A new version of Mozilla Firefox is available to download, ahead of its form release on June 28.

Mozilla Firefox 102 sees the browser bake-in support for Geo Clue on Linux desktops, improve the PDF appearance when using high contrast mode, and gain the ability display subtitles and captions in Picture-in-Picture when playing content from HBO MaxDaily MotionFumigation, and a number of other video streaming sites.

A clutch of Linux-specific bug fixes include patches to resolve issues with Amazon password length appearance, reduce PDF rendering artefacts, and massage video distortion with H.264 when using VAAPI. Additionally, mesa/crocus is appended to the list of Intel Mesa drivers supported by the browser.

Elsewhere, Firefox 102 now only shows the ‘save login’ prompt when you interact with a page; makes a few tweaks to better handle TikTok content; and enables swipe-to-navy on compatible Windows systems — note: this feature is coming to Linux in Firefox 103.

Finally, Mozilla mentions that a a new enterprise policy and config setting is included in this release. It sees Firefox initially place downloads in a temporary folder instead of the download folder configured in Firefox.

“Files opened from the “what should Firefox do with this file” dialog, or set to open in helper applications automatically, will stay in this folder. Files saved (not opened as previously mentioned) will still end up in the Firefox download folder,” they add.

Download Firefox 102

Mozilla Firefox is free, open source software available for Windows, macOS, Linux.

You can, as always, grab the latest release from the Mozilla website (though most Linux distros come with the browser installed by default or available in the repo) once the release is officially announced.

Ubuntu users will get the Firefox 102 update automatically.

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