Debian Linux is changing Google With DuckDuckGo as the Default seek Engine for Chromium

DuckDuckGo is a non-public search engine that does not music its user the equal manner Google does. Its focus on privateers is why many Linux customers choose the use of it over Google.

Debian Replaces Google

At the same time as Firefox remains the default net browser in Debian, you may locate the Chromium browser inside the repositories.

Chromium is the open supply venture upon which Google has constructed its Chrome net browser. It is also favored via many Linux customers as it provides almost the equal capabilities as Google Chrome.

Earlier, Chromium used Google as the default seek engine in Debian. However, Debian is going to apply DuckDuckGo because the default seek engine for Chromium.

DuckDuckGo over Google due to the fact privateers

It all commenced whilst bug file #956012 turned into filed in April 2020, stating to use DuckDuckGo because the default search engine for the Chromium package deal.

You could see the decision changed into now not taken in any hurry, because the maintainers took more than two years to close the computer virus document.

Debian Linux is Replacing Google With DuckDuckGo as the Default Search Engine for Chromium

The motive for the trade is going as said inside the official bundle replace announcement.

Alternate default search engine to DuckDuckGo for privateers motives. Set a specific search engine beneath Settings -> seek Engine (closes: #956012).

The change is relevant for Chromium model 104 or later as according to the statement. In case you are on Debian solid, it could make an effort for the package to come back to strong repos.

However, people jogging Debian checking out and volatile can see the trade seem in their installs proper now with the aid of updating their systems.

Debian versions older than stable may not see this update.


Google seek engine is known to track customers and as a consequence the privateers careful customers should discover this modification fine. 

I recognize some hardcore privacy enthusiasts query if DuckDuckGo is genuinely as non-public because it claims. If this is the case, take a look at out some different alternative seek in this listing πŸ‘‡

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