Ubuntu 22.10 Beta is Now Available to Download

Links to download the Ubuntu 22.10 beta are live, meaning those wanting to test the “Kinetic Kudu” can now do so!

The final stable version of Ubuntu 22.10 is due in on October 20. But before it can receive the rubber-stamp of officialdom, eagle-eyed bug testing must take place, which happens by way of this beta build.

Now, as this is an interim Ubuntu release, the changes and features on offer aren’t as substantial as in April’s LTS release.

But there’s still plenty to look forward too.

Ubuntu 22.10 Beta In Brief


The latest GNOME 43 release kits Kinetic out with the majority of its major new features. There’s a new ‘Quick Settings’ that makes managing everyday system tasks easier; a resize-friendly Settings app; and ample new features in the Nautilus file manager, including restyled ‘properties’ dialogs and enhanced list view.

Pipewire is the default audio server in Ubuntu 22.10, with the WirePlumber policy manager tool included so users can manage and configure their audio setup to their liking. PipeWire is less buggy than PulseAudio, offers better hardware compatibility, and features Bluetooth audio codec support for AAC, LDAC, and aptX/aptX HD.


new Ubuntu Desktop panel in the Settings app carries options/settings to tweak the behaviour of the desktop icons extension and the Ubuntu dock. While no new settings are exposed here — still no toggle to enable minimize-on-click, really?! — having the Ubuntu-specific tweaks in their own siloed section makes sense.

On the applications front, Ubuntu 22.10 replaces Gedit with the new Text Editor core app from GNOME. This seems like a sensible replacement as the new editor works much the same but both looks and integrates better with the modern GNOME desktop. If you miss Gedit you can reinstall it from the repos.


The To Do app is no longer included in the default software set-up, though as the app’s development had stalled, this omission will largely go unnoticed by most, I think. The latest versions of other software included, including the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox (yes, a Snap), Thunderbird e-mail client, and LibreOffice productivity suite.

Ubuntu 22.10 Beta ships with Linux kernel 5.19, Mesa 22, and Network Manager 1.40.

These and other changes at a glance:

  • Quick Settings
  • New Ubuntu Desktop settings
  • App spread in Ubuntu Dock
  • Pipewire default sound system
  • New Text Editor app
  • Nautilus features via GNOME 43
  • WebP Image support
  • Unicode 15 emoji 

Download Ubuntu 22.10 Beta


Keen to kick the tyres on the Kinetic Kudu? The curious amounts you can download the Ubuntu 22.10 beta the Ubuntu release server. Everybody else can wait for the formal stable release, which is set to arrive in the middle of October.

If you install the beta you can upgrade to the final Ubuntu 22.10 release later this month. How? Just install all updates issued between now and then – easy!

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